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Three Muses Creative is Perrin Davis, a Chicago-based freelance editor, writer, and self-publishing consultant with a specialization in cookbooks, books about finance and economics, and other nonfiction titles.

Perrin has been in publishing for more than 25 years, and she has edited more than 90 published titles. In 2016, one of those titles, Dinner at Home, won the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Cookbook Award for the Children, Youth, and Family category. In 2015, another title, Charcuteria, was a finalist for a James Beard Foundation Book Award and a Gourmand award; three other books she has edited have been finalists for IACP Cookbook Awards. After 10 years as the lead nonfiction editor of an independent press, she decided to strike out on her own and partner directly with publishers, agents, and authors to create beautiful, reader-friendly books.

Three Muses Creative, a woman-owned enterprise, provides a wide range of editorial services, including developmental editing, writing, ghostwriting, copy editing, typesetting/page composition, and proofreading. Three Muses also provides consulting services, including print buying and advice on how to get a book published.

We love our clients and welcome starting a dialogue with you. Use the Contact Three Muses page to share the details of your project.

Selection of Titles Edited and Proofread


Conquer Type 2 Diabetes (Hammersmith Press, 2019)

Steak and Cake: More than 100 Recipes for the Best Meal Ever (Workman, 2019)

Eat Race Win (Musette, 2018)

Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day (St. Martin’s Press, 2018)

The Plantiful Plate: Vegan Vinyasas from the Yommme Kitchen (Countryman Press, 2018)

WHISKeY Cocktails (Assouline, 2018)

Kimba’s Kitchen: Healthy Revolution (Maloomian, 2018)

The Ashram Cookbook: The Way We Eat  (Assouline, 2018)

The Angry Chef’s Guide to Spotting Bullshit in the World of Food (The Experiment, 2018)

The Missoni Family Cookbook (Assouline, 2018)

Vibrant West African Cuisine (Ataro, 2018)

Appalachian Cooking (Countryman Press, 2018)

Food & Fitness after 50: Eat Well, Move Well, Be Well (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2017)

The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker (Countryman Press, 2017)

Raw Food (Shoku Iku, 2017)

Clean Cocktails (Countryman Press, 2017)

Delicious Poke Cakes (St. Martin’s Press, 2017)

Luxury Collection Global Epicurean (Assouline, 2017)

The Beach House Cookbook (St. Martin’s Press, 2017)

Good Veg: Ebullient Vegetables, Global Flavors (The Experiment, 2017)

Eat Race Win (Grant, 2016)

Acorns and Cattails: A Modern Foraging Cookbook (Skyhorse Publishing, 2016)

Charcutería (Agate Surrey, 2014; James Beard Foundation award and Gourmand award finalist)

Dinner at Home (Agate Surrey, 2015; IACP Cookbook award winner)

Holiday Cookies (Agate Surrey, 2014; IACP Cookbook award finalist)

Prep School (Agate Surrey, 2013; IACP Cookbook award finalist)

The Sardinian Cookbook (Agate Surrey, 2013; IACP Cookbook award finalist)

My Halal Kitchen (Agate Surrey, 2016)

Sweet Mornings (Agate Surrey, 2016)

1,001 Best Low-Carb Recipes (Agate Surrey, 2016)

The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook (Agate Surrey, 2015)

Summer Cooking (Agate Surrey, 2015)

1,001 Best Low-Fat Recipes (Agate Surrey, 2015)

The Green City Market Cookbook (Agate Surrey, 2014)

Indian for Everyone (Agate Surrey, 2014)

Provence Food and Wine (Agate Surrey, 2014)

Market-Fresh Mixology (Agate Surrey, 2014)

1,001 Delicious Soups and Stews (Agate Surrey, 2014)

The New Chicago Diner Cookbook (Agate Midway, 2013)

Wisconsin Supper Clubs (Agate Surrey, 2013)

Vegan Indian Cooking (Agate Surrey, 2012)

Diabetes Cooking 101 (Agate Surrey, 2012)

Gluten-Free 101 (Agate Surrey, 2012)

Vegetarian 101 (Agate Surrey, 2012)

The Puglian Cookbook (Agate Surrey, 2011)

Slow Cooker 101 (Agate Surrey, 2011)

1,001 Best Grilling Recipes (Agate Surrey, 2011)

The Indian Slow Cooker (Agate Surrey, 2010)

The Veganopolis Cookbook (Agate Surrey, 2010)

1,001 Best Hot and Spicy Recipes (Agate Surrey, 2010)

Vegan Baking Classics (Agate Surrey, 2011)

The Perfect 10 Diet (Sourcebooks, 2010)

Taste: A Life in Wine (Agate, 2009)

1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes (Agate Surrey, 2009)

Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book (Agate Surrey, 2009)

PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook (Sourcebooks, 2009)

Un-Constipated Gourmet (Sourcebooks, 2009)

Feed the Belly (Sourcebooks, 2009)

The American Lighthouse Cookbook (Sourcebooks, 2009)

Frozen Assets (Sourcebooks, 2009)

Frozen Assets Lite and Easy (Sourcebooks, 2009)

Gluten-Free Baking Classics for the Bread Machine (Agate Surrey, 2009)

Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook (Agate Surrey, 2009)

Gluten-Free Baking Classics (Agate Surrey, 2008)

1,001 Best Slow Cooker Recipes (Agate Surrey, 2008)

Best Holiday Drinks (Sourcebooks, 2008)

The Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook (Sourcebooks, 2008)


Home and Garden, Lifestyle, Parenting, Family

Lilly Pulitzer (Assouline, 2019)

Cocaine: A History (Assouline, 2019)

Full Circle (Pipkin, 2018)

The Self Matrix (Drouin, 2018)

The Impossible Collection of Warhol (Assouline, 2017)

Monica Pedersen Make It Beautiful (Agate Midway, 2012)

The Brain Training Revolution (Sourcebooks, 2012)

2012 Baby Names Almanac (Sourcebooks, 2012)

2011 Baby Names Almanac (Sourcebooks, 2011)

The Best Baby Names Treasury (Sourcebooks, 2011)

151 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Great Day at School (Sourcebooks, 2009)

151 Ways to Start the School Year Off Year Right (Sourcebooks, 2009)

How to Date Like a Grown-Up (Sourcebooks, 2009)

Juggling Twins (Sourcebooks, 2008)

How Your Child Learns Best (Sourcebooks, 2008)

Healthy Kids the Easy Way (Sourcebooks, 2008)

Phraseology (Sourcebooks, 2008)

My Mother’s Rules (Agate, 2007)


Children’s Books

Raystar of Terra (Johnson, 2017)

Dvořák: His Life and Music (Sourcebooks, 2008)

Mary and Jody in the Movies (Sourcebooks, 2008)

Walk the Wild Road (Sourcebooks, 2008)



The Snowball Effect: Using Dividend & Interest Reinvestment to Help You Retire on Time (Eckerd Press Co., 2016)

A Giant Reborn (Agate B2, 2015)

The End of the Euro (Agate B2, 2011)

Bernanke’s Test (Agate B2, 2009)

The Chicago School (Agate B2, 2007)


Business, Publishing

The Travel Writer’s Handbook (Agate Surrey, 2012)

Don’t Die Broke (Agate B2, 2010)

Baked In (Agate B2, 2009)

Brownie Points (Agate B2, 2009)