Self-Publishing Services

Perrin Davis is a veteran professional book editor and the founder of Three Muses Creative, a self-publishing consultancy. Three Muses offers all levels of editorial development, consulting, and direct-sales author website creation. Check out Perrin’s recent thoughts on self-publishing and traditional publishing here.

Three Muses Creative capitalizes on its years of experience in the traditional publishing industry to offer a full range of self-publishing services; we call it Cradle-to-Kindle Self-Publishing. That means that in addition to providing any and all editorial and consulting services you might need, we can get you up and running with your own author website that sells your eBook directly to readers right away.

Self-publishing with Amazon may be easy, but there are significant downsides. First, Amazon will keep between 30 and 65 percent of the price of every book you sell. Second, you’ll be forced to price your eBook low in order to be competitive with the hundreds of thousands of titles available there, most of which are $5.99 or less. Wouldn’t you prefer to set the price for the book you’ve worked so hard to create, and keep all of the proceeds?

We make sure your author website is clean, beautiful, and error- and typo-free, and your book’s buyers are able to access the right type of file for their eReaders instantly. You get to keep 100% of the full purchase price of each eBook sold, less credit card/PayPal processing fees of around 3% + $.30 per transaction (unfortunately, that’s unavoidable), and the proceeds are deposited directly into your bank or PayPal account.

Our most commonly chosen option is the Three Muses’ Custom Author Website with eCommerce Starter Bundle ($899), which includes:

  • secured domain, if necessary (we can work with an existing domain as well)*
  • setup of your website and one e-mail address
  • custom design of your website (a maximum of eight webpages)
  • copyediting of all site content (a maximum of 2,000 words)
  • hosting setup (using your existing provider or our recommended vendor; will be subject to >$30 monthly fees from the vendor)
  • setup of direct credit card and/or PayPal payments with a processing vendor, which charges fees only when transactions occur
  • eCommerce setup, with all eBook sales proceeds going directly to you (subject to $5 monthly fee to the eCommerce vendor)
  • basic search engine optimization (SEO) development
  • customized advice on generating buzz for your eBook via your target market’s blogosphere and social media
  • two months of free site statistic reporting (a $40 value) and site maintenance and support (a $60 value)

Options include developmental or copy editing for your book; custom typesetting for your book; converting your Microsoft Word or other word-processing file to all eBook formats; writing customized site content to drive sales; additional site content editing; negotiating transfer of a desired domain name from an existing domain holder; setting up coupons and discount periods to drive buzz, site activity, and reviews; monitoring and posting of comments and book reviews; and ongoing site statistic reporting ($20 per month) and site maintenance and support ($30 per month).

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