Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Textbook and Other Academic Book Editing

“I am the lead author of two medical textbooks using contextual and adaptive educational techniques with McGraw-Hill Education, namely Medical Language for Modern Health Care and Essentials of Medical Language.

“In 2011, the second edition of Medical Language for Modern Health Care was awarded the Text and Academic Authors Association’s Textbook Excellence Award for the best Life Sciences textbook published in North America in 2010.

“In 2012 the second edition of Essentials of Medical Language was awarded the Text and Academic Authors Association’s Excellence Award for the best Life Sciences textbook  published in North America in 2011.

“These books are written in a unique bridge format between the traditional textbook and the new digital publishing formats. For both these editions Perrin was the developmental editor, and it is due in a large measure to her skills, understanding and personality that the publishing process went through without any major problems. She held the whole project together in a difficult publishing environment, and made my work as the author easy and very pleasurable.

“As I continue to author textbooks, I continually wish that she were still my developmental author.”

— David Allan, MA, MD, Textbook Author


“I highly recommend Perrin Davis, based on the superb guidance and professional service she provided on a 4-year writing project. I was in need of editorial help. Perrin was precisely who I was seeking. She was thorough, insightful, witty, meticulous, and a complete joy to work with. The finished product has been very well received in large measure because of Perrin Davis’s advice and work. To repeat, I recommend her highly. Were it appropriate I would add BRAVISSIMA.”

— Sheldon Ekland-Olson, PhD, University of Texas Austin Professor and Textbook Author


Cookbook and Other Nonfiction Editing

“I’ve worked with Perrin in her capacity as a freelance editor throughout my publishing career. In my first editorial position, in which my primary responsibility was shepherding book manuscripts through the production process and hiring freelancers to the bulk of the editing and proofreading, Perrin quickly became my go-to freelancer because of her reliability and consistency, the excellence of her editorial work, her wide variety of experience, her ability to quickly adapt her focus to meet the needs of a particular project, and her willingness to accept feedback and adjust her work accordingly. As my career has progressed, I’ve continued to hire Perrin when I’ve needed freelance help, and I plan to keep doing so. I can’t think of a freelance professional whose work I would recommend more highly.”

— Dojna Shearer, Managing Editor


“Perrin is an excellent editor. She provided invaluable service as the primary editor for my publication The Snowball Effect. She was very thorough, reasonably priced, and always on time in meeting deadlines. She went out of her way to make sure that my book was polished and professional.”

— Tim McIntosh, Author, The Snowball Effect: Using Dividend & Interest Reinvestment to Help You Retire on Time


Instructional Design and Educational Content Editing

“After working on dozens of instructional design projects with Perrin since 2010, I continue to be impressed by her combination of keen intellect and business savvy. Her editing is first-rate. I’ve watched her take a textbook from a mishmash of rough draft chapters to a polished and accurate resource, with a positive attitude and emphasis on teamwork all the while. She is smart, funny, and professional, and I highly recommend her.”

— Priscilla Lawler, Instructional Designer


Medical Editing and Association Publishing

“I have known Perrin for many years and worked with her for four years at the American Society of Clinical Pathology.  At ASCP, she served as Director of Publishing Operations and I as Vice President of Membership and Marketing.  Among her many duties were editing medical journals as well as managing and editing continuing medical education (CME) materials.

“Her position at ASCP required precise word choice and knowledge of medical language, form, and structure—and the ability to edit fairly dry content in a way that increased understanding and enhanced interest.  She performed these duties with high expertise.

“The best compliment I can pay Perrin is in the words of a past, dear, respected publisher and scientific editor.  He would describe a top-notch editor as ‘… having the ability to remove a line from a sonnet in such a way that you wouldn’t even notice.’  I’m confident he would say the same about Perrin Davis.

“I would highly recommend Perrin for any serious editing or publishing consultation project.  Aside from her professional skills, Perrin has a delightful personality, is easy to work with, offers intelligent suggestions and ideas, and most of all is trustworthy and fair.

“If I had an available position or assignment worthy of her abilities, Perrin would be my first choice!”

— Calvin D. Trout, Managing Partner, Calvin D. Trout & Associates


“Are you looking for a versatile writer/editor? Look no further. Perrin ran the Publishing Operations at the American Society for Clinical Pathology for many years before relocating to Agate Publishing. She is an efficient, competent individual who can handle any assignment in a variety of disciplines in a timely manner. She always meets her deadlines and you will find her a joy to work with!”

— Joyce Nuzzo, Vice President, ASCP Press (Retired)